OFF THE GRID: Drone Pilot Rescues Flood Victims

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As Reported by BY CATHY FREE @cathyjfree Bill Kastel and his wife, Tracey, were hoping to catch some extra Sunday morning shuteye when they were awakened early on May 25 by a loud clanking. Opening the front door of the mobile home they’d mounted on five-foot-high stilts near a creek in Venus, Texas, eight years ago, they were astonished to see a ... Read More »

OFF THE GRID: Drones Used To Prevent Chinese Exam Cheaters


This time each year, more than 9 million Chinese teenagers are packed into examination halls to take the “gaokao,” a grueling, memorization-heavy, two-day exam that determines which universities they go to. At least two million of them won’t get in at all—and the gaokao can determine a student’s entire career path, since a given university often feeds into a specific ... Read More »

OFF THE GRID: Drone Hobby Turns Side Business


As reported by the Lansing State Journal The drone’s whirling blades sound like a nest of angry bees as it lifts off the pavement. The strange craft is bigger than a dinner plate and weighs nine pounds. It hovers in the air in front of Ryan Latourette. He wears an iPad on his chest that’s attached to a remote control ... Read More »

INDUSTRY NEWS: Law Firms Flying with Drone Practices


(Article courtesy of Bloomberg BNA) This month, the insurance giant AIG announced it received federal approval to use drones to survey disaster areas, police in Northern India said they would use pepper-spray drones for crowd control and the Wall Street Journal reported on a farmer who uses drones to herd sheep. Given the vast number of drones, officially called unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), it’s no surprise that law firms are ... Read More »

OFF THE GRID: Using a Drone To Herd Sheep

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A farmer has used a drone to capture incredible footage of his sheep streaming across the dreamlike terrain of his farm. The video, taken in New Zealand’s South Island, has gone viral as the beautiful images have amazed people from all parts of the world. In the clip the sheep can be seen running over green hills as the drone ... Read More »

OFF THE GRID: VIDEO: Man Flies Drone Inside Ballpark During Phillies Game

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Police have questioned a man who was flying a drone inside Citizens BankPark during a Philadelphia Phillies game. Authorities say Phillies staff first spotted the remote-controlled drone near the third-base gate on Sunday but it landed in a parking lot outside. Team security director Sal DeAngelis tells The Philadelphia Inquirer the drone did not fly over the field or disrupt ... Read More »

OFF THE GRID: VIDEO: Singer, Enrique Iglesias, Injures Hand On Drone During Concert

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From the mobile phone video below, you can see singer Enrique Iglesias messing around with a DJI Inspire One while it is flying above him during a concert.  For some unknown reason he sticks his hand in the props… Some things just make you wonder… Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Blade Chroma Camera Drone with 4K CGO3 and ST10+

Chroma™ Camera Drone with 4K CGO3 and ST10+Top

The new Chroma™ aerial media drones are designed to capture epic aerial shots!  Exclusive SAFE Plus flight control technology provides multiple flight modes, for pilots of all skill levels. The stabilized CGO3 camera makes capturing 4K video easy. This comprehensive combo includes everything needed in one box. Getting the Chroma in the air is as easy as attaching the propellers ... Read More »

MULTIROTOR TECH: Multirotor Podcast Episode 29 Live – Q&A, Tower Inspections and more…


In this episode answers to some reader questions take the feature spot. This includes discussion of gimbal upgrades, flying for tower inspections, flying at higher altitudes, the best system for aerial inspections and long range TX and video systems. Check out the podcast episode HERE Read More »