SNEAK PEEK: Armattan Minis Morphite 180mm Quadcopter Frame Kit


We have really been enjoying our Blade 200 QX quadcopter, especially since flashing it with the latest firmware that enables sustained inverted flight and acrobatics. The components used under the hood are impressive, endowing this little quad with a high performance dose of major attitude. We have stuffed it into the ground more times than we can remember but with ... Read More »

INDUSTRY NEWS: International Drone Day – Saturday March 14, 2015

What is International Drone Day - YouTube - Mozilla Firefox_2015-03-11_21-16-09

Over 150 teams throughout the world are coming together on one day to educate the public about the positive ways in which “drones” are used to better society in many beneficial ways, with a mantra of: “Drones are Good!” Las Vegas has been chosen as the host city for the worldwide lead event on the first annual International Drone Day, ... Read More »

INDUSTRY NEWS: Hobbico and Futaba Co-Sponsor the World’s First Drone Film Festival

Futaba 30 sec  NYCDFF - YouTube - Mozilla Firefox_2015-03-11_21-01-15

Hobbico, Inc. and Futaba are among companies sponsoring the world’s first event that celebrates the art of drone photography — the New York City Drone Film Festival, scheduled for March 7, 2015. Many creative works will be screened, including a 30-second video commissioned by Hobbico to promote the Futaba 14SG radio. It was produced by Manuel Santos, a Futaba Team ... Read More »

OFF THE GRID: Frontier Galaxy 7000 Series Aluminum Quadcopter

Galaxy 7000_02

NOW AVAILABLE direct from the manufacturer for the first time ever is the Frontier Galaxy 7000 Series Aluminum Quadcopter. Built in limited quantities to the greatest detail and highest standards in the aerospace industry, this exclusive and unique aircraft is designed for the discerning hobbyist, collector, and/or model aircraft and unmanned aircraft systems enthusiast. The Frontier Galaxy 7000 is quite ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Lights … Camera … Action! Hitec/AEE Announce Their New MD10 and S60 Action Cameras


Whether your hobby interests are rooted in ground pounding surface vehicles or high flying aerial planes, helis and multirotors, Hitec’s partnership with AEE has resulted in a pair of new action cameras. The MD10 and S60 are the perfect way to capture all of your hobby action. First up is the MD10. This camera can record in 1080p30 and also features ... Read More »

INDUSTRY NEWS: MaxAmps Celebrates their Tenth Anniversary!

MaxAmps 10th

2015 marks the tenth year that MaxAmps has been in business making lithium polymer batteries for unmanned aerial vehicles, RC surface vehicles and almost every other segment of the RC market. According to Austin Else, owner and founder of MaxAmps, “Within the last few years, we have become the industry leader in the emerging Unmanned Aerial Vehicle market by offering ... Read More »

INDUSTRY NEWS: Know Before You Fly – Unmanned Flight Safety Guidance


Hobbico recently announced its support for Know Before You Fly, an educational campaign developed to give anyone planning to fly unmanned aircraft — including R/C model drones — the information required to do so safely and responsibly. Know Before You Fly was founded by three influential organizations that are all dedicated to promoting safe flying: the Association for Unmanned Vehicle ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: KDE Direct 7208XF Series UAS Heavy-Lift Brushless Motors

KDE7208XF-110 Brushless Motor for Heavy-Lift Electric Multi-Rotor_01

KDE Direct’s new 7208XF UAS heavy-lift brushless motors are now available for worldwide shipping. Final production and design resulted in the motors performing even better than originally anticipated! Two editions are available in the series: 110Kv for the highest-efficiency flight on 6S up to 12S operation, and 135Kv for higher-thrust output (in a light-weight package) for 6S up to 10S ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Dromida Ominus 238mm First Person View Ready to Fly Quadcopter


We loved the incredible durability and in-flight performance of the original Ominus quadcopter. Dromida has now expanded the capabilities of this fun-to-fly aircraft by making it FPV capable. A Wi-Fi enabled 1280×720 resolution digital FPV camera allows pilots to see their flight from the on-board perspective and the camera can be controlled completely using either a free iOS or Android ... Read More »