OFF THE GRID: Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing from an Aerial view

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Mike Steidley’s Action Sports column in Multirotor Pilot Issue #5 talked about shooting Wakeboarding action with a multirotor.  Here is a sample video:   Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Esprit Model Jeti Telemetry Bluetooth Transmitter Module RCDroidBox


Using a combination of software and hardware, the RCDroidBox allows real-time monitoring and recording of telemetry data transferred using JETI Duplex or Duplex EX protocol.  The required hardware is the actual RCDroidBox Bluetooth adapter. The software is an application that can be run on any Android powered device. The user is thus able to watch and monitor the data while ... Read More »

DIY: Building the Hobby King FPV250 V4 Blue Ghost Edition LED Night Flyer FPV Quad Copter


The latest in a series of 250mm FPV racing frames from Diatone, the Hobby King Ghost Edition LED Night Flyer is available in four different colors (red, orange, green and blue). This translucent colored frame kit includes a small  PDB (power distribution board) and four printed circuit boards (PCB), used to illuminate the four motor arms both top and bottom. ... Read More »

INDUSTRY NEWS: Completely New Product Line from Thunder Power in 2015


Thunder Power RC has been the world-leader in Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery power and charging solutions for a wide variety of RC, UAV/UAS, and other applications since 2003. New for 2015 are entirely revamped product lines of both air and surface batteries. Pilots will no doubt be attracted to the lower pricing, higher energy density, more stable cell chemistry, and ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: ORA Ready-to-Fly FPV Quadcopter with HD Camera


One of the hottest items at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, the ORA is the perfect vehicle for up and coming aerial media enthusiasts. This 370mm wheelbase quadcopter includes a Reflec on-board 1080p video camera, ten channel transceiver, gimbal, battery and charger. Video downfeed is via an exceptionally reliable 5.8GHz signal. The included Journey ten channel transceiver  features a built-in ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: JR Ninja 400MR 3D Quadcopter Kit

Gallery│Multicopter NINJA 400MR

JR, a premier manufacturer of RC helicopters of all sizes and applications for over 20 years, knows a thing or two about rotorcraft. To prove it, they have just announced the release of their first entry to the multi-copter market – the Ninja 400MR. This high-quality, aerobatic 3D quadcopter kit is sure to turn heads wherever it goes. With four ... Read More »

Hitec Q-Cop 450 Quadcopter


We are excited to announce that Hitec will soon bring their first multi-rotor aircraft to market! The Hitec Q-Cop is a 450 size quadcopter that features a notably aerodynamic shell and design. This high performance multi-rotor aircraft will emphasize flight stability and include a Return-to-Home function. The included high def camera is capable of shooting both in-flight stills and high ... Read More »

INDUSTRY NEWS: HRP Teams with Thunder Tiger to Distribute TTRobotix Multi-Rotors

HRP Teams with Thunder Tiger to Distribute TTRobotix Multi-Rotors

Thunder Tiger is about to debut their new line of TTRobotix multi-rotors and have teamed up with HRP Distributing to help get the products into your hands! The new line starts with two new multi-rotors; the Super Hornet and the Ghost. Here is what TT has to say about their new flying machines. “The Super Hornet is the first release ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: DJI Announces Inspire 1


DJI, one of the biggest players in the fields of multirotor aircraft and aerial imaging, has just announced their Inspire 1. This new aerial vehicle has many outstanding features. Chief among them is a new 4K capable camera. The Inspire 1 camera can shoot up to 4K video and capture 12 megapixel photos. A nine element, nine group lens includes ... Read More »