NEW RELEASE: ProTek R/C Universal Multirotor Case

ProTek Case_02

Protect your valuable multirotor with the ProTek R/C Universal Multirotor Case – a case that’s waterproof, built military-tough with “ATA 300” compliance, features a patent-pending locking system and is completely dustproof. Manufactured to stringent specifications, the ProTek R/C Universal Multirotor Case is lightweight, crush-proof, impact-resistant and virtually indestructible; it holds numerous certifications to prove it. The case is also watertight ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Common Sense RC Lectron Pro Upgrade Batteries for Blade 200 SR X, Blade 350 QX, and DJI Phantom


Lectron Pro 11.1 volt – 3000mAh 30C for Blade 350 QX & DJI Phantom With the exact same form factor and dimensions as most 3S 2200Mah sized Lipos, the Common Sense RC Lectron Pro Upgrade Batteries for the  Blade 350 QX, and the DJI Phantom are capable of extending flight durations by up to 35%, with absolutely no degradation in ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: The Phantom 2 Battery Hack You Have Been Waiting For…


  Motor City Drones is releasing their new Phantom 2 battery solution… No more $129 replacement batteries.  Look for more information in the next issue of the magazine or visit their website Phantom 2 – Beta DJI intelligent cap with batteries of your choice from Motor City Drone Co. on Vimeo. Read More »

INDUSTRY NEWS: Nevada Unmanned Systems Business Expo, Las Vegas, Nevada, September 11th and 12th, 2014

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The State of Nevada was recently selected by the FAA as an official UAS Test Site! This designation will lead to the creation of thousands of jobs in the coming years as Nevada leads the nation in development and testing of UAS! Make plans now to attend the Nevada Unmanned Systems Business Expo, to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, on September ... Read More »

MULTIROTOR TECH: Introducing the New AlexMos 32-Bit Gimbal Control Board

AlexMos 32-Bit Controller

The AlexMos Gimbal controller is the most capable DIY control board currently on the market. Intended for brushless gimbal motors only, the new 32-bit processor and dual IMU (inertia measurement unit), allow it to attain a level of stabilization up to 30 times more precise than the 8-bit board it replaced. What makes this different than the more common Martinez ... Read More »

REVIEW: Quanum Q-2D 2-Axis Brushless Gimbal


Within the last year or so, the idea of mounting a camera stabilization system to an RC aircraft or surface vehicles has become commonplace. The advancements made to the GoPro and many other action cams on the market allow for some spectacular footage from such a small unit. However, up to this point, the prospect of using a gimbal normally ... Read More »

REVIEW: HobbyKing Rotorbits

HobbyKing RotorBits

Hex and quadcopters are nothing new to HobbyKing as they already distribute and manufacture a vast number of frame kits, but to this point, none of them had been expressly designed with economy and ease of construction in mind. Enter the RotorBits lineup of machines. Offered in a tricopter, quad and hex form, these lightweight, modular machines are a breeze ... Read More »

INDUSTRY NEWS: Travel By Drone – A New Perspective to View the World

As we scour the net looking for cool things to report back to our readers regarding multirotors, we came across an innovative site called While we are not a fan of the word “drone”, we will cut them some slack since it is a cool website. gives you the chance to discover the world from the perspective of ... Read More »

OFF THE GRID: Taking Sky-Hero Machines to New Heights – Second Person View


We had some fun flying the Sky-Hero Spyder and Spy last week.  We were looking for some cool footage and stills (because I wanted a new photo for my computer’s desktop), so as sunset approached, Petr Hejl from came up with a plan to shoot video of my Sky-Hero machines while I flew.  As we were flying he kept ... Read More »